Boscolo Budapest

Address:  H-1073 Budapest, Erzsébet krt. 9-11.

Location: The New York Palace is situated in the heart of Budapest, on Erzsébet Boulevard and easily reachable from the airport and from the Keleti train station, close to the elegant streets that leed to the heart of the city, close to the river Danube and the Royal Castle.

History: Contemporary New York Palace is the rethinking of the original edifice built in 1894 by the creative ideas of Maurizio Papiri. The building has an eclectic style relying on the Italian renaissance however the most unique contemporary interior design has gained ground in the formation of inner spaces creating one of the most dignified hotels within the Boscolo Group. The opulent splendour of New York Palace can be recognized not only in forms but materials as well. All the finest marble, textiles and furnishings for the Hotel come from the original home of style and design: Italy. Commissioned by the New York Insurance Company New York Palace was built according to the plans of Alajos Hauszmann, Flóris Korb and Alajos Giegl. Sándor Steuera member of a famous coffee-family opened the gem of the building the "most beautiful café in the world" on October 23, 1894. The ground floor café became the most splendid part of the imposing palace beside its windows with 16 devilish fauns - "El Ashmodai" the ancient figure of coffee and meditation - held the lantern in good style propagating the spirituality of New York Café this way too. The majestic building was built in eclectic style relying on Italian renaissance; its lavishly furnished interiors were designed in the spirit of historical eclecticism. Everything being made of marble, bronze, silk and velvet many people compared the building to the palace of the Bavarian King Louis II. The ceiling was decorated with the marvellous panel paintings of Gusztáv Mannheimer and Ferenc Eisenhut at the entrance a fountain, in the halls Venetian chandeliers dazzled visitors.

The New York from the first decade of the twentieth century became renowned as a real literary café one of the centre of the intellectual life of Budapest. Writers and journalists had their Home Circlehere and soon the artists' tables were formed. Shortly after, the editorial office of the highest standard literary periodical of the age "Nyugat" ("West") found its home here, too. From the 1910s the cream of the theatrical and movie world swarmed here: Indeed, this is where Sir Alexander Korda- director of films such as The Private Life of Henry VIII & The Thief of Baghdad - started out for his world award winning career, just as Michael Curtis, Oscar winning director of Casablanca did too. The New York was a music café: from the beginning gypsy music was to be heard with brass music in wintertime. An abundance of legendary personal waiters took care of the guests, each knowing intimately the regular guests' wishes and habits. The First World War put an end to the first golden age of the Café and the Harsányi brothers transferred management. After the war the new proprietor formed a warm food kitchen, the "deepwater" was replaced by a restaurant and "New York Café - and Restaurant" became one of the most elegant restaurants of the city and once again the centre of social life. After the threat of the world war and with the 1930s' economic crisis the vivid social life calmed everywhere in Europe so New York Café temporarily closed its doors and operated as the most beautiful warehouse in the world. It was reopened under the name of Hungária in 1954 although not as a Café but almost in its original splendour.

Guest rooms: What is the color of luxury? Subtle sage, muted gold and wenge brown. Its sound? Soft music in the background, muffled footsteps in the distance and rustling silk. The smell of luxury? Freshly cut flowers, lustrous polished furniture and scented soap. The taste? Hot coffee, warm pastries and chilled champagne. And the feel? Plush velvet, smooth satin and textured damask. All of your five senses will be awakened in the New York Palace. Its 185 splendid rooms, including 112 Boscolo Deluxe (25-43m2); 44 Boscolo Superior (46-61m2); 23 Junior Suite (61-70m2); 4 Executive Suite és 2 Presidential Suite designed by architect Maurizio Papiri, are the epitome of genteel elegance. Advanced technology and fine amenities are the additional luxuries that make the New York Palace the preferred address for the discerning traveller.

Gastronomy: Only at a Boscolo Luxury Hotel like the New York Palace could you expect to find such an intriguing and magical blend of past and future. Brilliant designer Adam D. Tihany created here dazzlingly modern backdrops of glass, steel and light for delicious traditional Italian and some local dishes. Deepwater Restaurant, a treasure trove of good taste, a magic box to be opened with the tip of a fork. Precious Slav oak walls, gold ornaments along with nickel, crystal and optic fibres dominate the spaces in a constant vibration of lights. In this framework of modern geometry featuring glass and wood, the sensuality of Bohemian flavours and unexpected juxtapositions become creations of international haute cuisine. While the New York Café and the Deepwater Restaurant amazes the guests with its renaissance touch and eclectic style, the Cigar Baris the epitome of soft classical lines. In a setting reminiscent of the typical cafés of Budapest where intellectuals and artists once gathered, you can meditate and relax while sipping your glass of cognac and beeing caressed by the aroma of the most renowed cigars, kept in old bank safes. To smoke a cigar slowly, or read a newspaper or a book in the excellent company of a glass of brandy which is almost a century old... this too is the New York Palace, where the good life is a tradition to be respected. Unique Cigar Bar in the unique New York Café! Ideal for 20-30 persons for cocktail receptions, special dinners or private cigar PARTIES.

Spa & wellness: Magical Budapest is just outside the front door while secret alchemies unfold inside the New York Palace. The miraculous spa inspired by an alpine ice-tunnel is the home of peaceful wonders. Marvellous waterfalls, large half round Swarowski crystal prisms enchant our guests who would like to relax in the spa. In the accelerated world of today there is a need for such a place where one can rest & relax and enjoy the beneficial result of various special treatments. At the Spa time comes to a standstill as the highly qualified staff shows clients the source of eternal youth: here the indivisible harmony of body and soul are caressed, nourished and regenerated in this special place for indolence and relaxation. The 600 sqm Spa Experience Sensory Space is ideal for: business parties and events, product promotions, cocktail parties, after-work parties, wellness parties. Services: hydromassage pool, sauna, turkish bath, fitness center, aroma and experience showers, solarium, massages, facial and body treatments.

Meetings & events: Placed on the first floor there is one large meeting room and three smaller meeting rooms connected to it, a VIP lounge / Business Center and a larger room which can be dedicated to buffets or banquets. All of the meeting rooms are connected to the elegant lobby. Other 2 meeting rooms (Monteverdi and Donizetti) are located on the ground floor of the hotel. All of the meeting rooms, except Verdi and Puccini, has natural daylight. The VIP Lounge (54 m2) on the Hotel’s first floor is ideal alternative venue for meetings and other events.

Available equipment: Sound system, radio-microphones, video-recorder, DVD player, wide screen video-projector, built-in LCD projector, back projection, PC video links, flip chart, internet, WLAN internet connection, secretarial services, audio and video recording, interpreting.

Catering:  welcome coffee, aperitifs, coffee breaks, cocktails, standing receptions, buffet, work lunches, brunch, gala dinners, theme dinners, banquets, wine tasting.

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